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About Us

Microgravity stands for bringing to life your dreams. It’s a magical world crafted with technology.

Microgravity as a brand is working on delivering a world-class multi-player gaming experience. Whether you want to play at a state-of-the-art gaming arena or try your hand at competing with your friends in an e-sports league format; we bring to you the best infrastructure & platforms the industry has to offer.

To start with we are introducing cutting edge free-roaming technology for multiplayer gaming at our first location in Gurgaon along with some of the best immersive gaming formats. The arena boasts world-class simulators, virtual reality bays, classic video gaming docks and a golf experience using cutting edge projection & simulation technology.

When you walk into this experiential game space, you time-travel to the future of multiplayer entertainment. Friends and family can come together as a group and engage as a team. We believe in creating communities around popular gaming & experiential content. We aim to build a platform to enable social interaction while delivering a memorable experience at our gaming arenas.

Microgravity in partnership with leading global principals is also further developing the Microgravity Gaming League which looks to enhance and promote the esports league format. We are invested in creating a scalable platform for competitive gaming which lets the best compete with the best. Microgravity Gaming League has recently promoted popular games like FIFA, Call of Duty and Free Fire to encourage young gamers.

The company is also looking to leverage cutting edge AR and VR technologies to bring solutions for the industry. The team is aggregating innovation led solutions for Travel, Education & Retail.

An impactful team of professionals in partnership with global principals brings these highly immersive and innovation led experiences.

Protective Measures

So you take risks in the game, not in the arena

COVID-19 is still a very real threat to the world and Microgravity aims to bring this experience to everyone in the most fun, safe and immersive manner. We have partnered exclusively with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) to ensure a multipronged disinfection strategy at the arena.

The company uses best-in-class equipment for this service, which is carried out by trained and certified operators dressed up in mandated protective gear. The effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources to deactivate viruses has been validated by Boston University.

Besides social distancing and other safety norms, we also follow a four-step routine. This consists of disinfecting the entire arena with-

  • UV disinfectant light unit
  • UVC Handheld Disinfectant
  • Covibusters disinfection services
  • UV-C Disinfection Chamber


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