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The Gamer Goddesses Hunt is all about creating the strongest women gamer community. We are looking for the best of the best to help give them a platform where they can display their skills at world-renowned tournaments. The idea came to us when we began our campaign called #ItsHerGame which brought the spotlight onto these super gems of India. The Gamer Goddess Clan isn’t going to back down. The only thing that’s going down is everyone else.

Ready? We bet you’re not.

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The Journey To Being A Gamer Goddess

Our Gamer Goddess Clan will participate in MGL and we will be identifying top female gamers based on their performances in the respective games. The top-performing female gamers will go on to become our first Gamer Goddesses!

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If you are a woman-gamer and want to dethrone the gods, join India’s strongest women gamer community by registering yourself and gear up for what is to come. We don’t want you to miss a thing, no matter what game you’re into.

One for all and all for one, we’ll leave them scarred and leave them stunned.

Get Recruited

Once you enrol yourself in the Gamer Goddess Clan, you will be notified about all our MGL activities. The best performing female gamers will be given the title of a Gamer Goddess along with some super-cool gaming accessories. You will then be trained for the big leagues.

Get Trained

You will be given multiple sessions to hone your skills and develop your physical and mental strength to be able to perform even better. Online coaching sessions with professional gamers, tips, tricks and all the important (legal) hacks are waiting to be taken advantage of.


You will have to go through a top-notch tournament like Valorant, League Of Legends and other such games, to qualify as part of the final team of Gamer Goddesses. Get a chance to represent India and compete at the International Gaming Championships.

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*T&C apply. Exact details to be revealed later.

What you get

Gaming Minutes
At Microgravity
Play At The Big International

The Gamer Goddess Community

And its breakdown


Professional Gamers who will help budding professionals to take on the gaming scene on a global level.


The few handpicked soldiers of Microgravity, who would have already proved their worth in MGL

The Gamer
Goddess Clan

All the interested female gamers who will sign up voluntarily and participate in multiple activities that are yet to come.

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